Monday, March 5, 2012

Sunday - Birthdays and baseball!

Sunday was Steve and Benji's birthday. They celebrated by going to the Detroit Tigers  Spring Training ballpark in Lakeland, Fl.. The Tigers were playing the Atlanta Braves.  The Tigers hit 9 home runs and won 18-3!. Afterward, the boys headed to iHOP for dinner (a late breakfast actually).

There isn't time right now to edit pictures out, so you're stuck with looking through 100+ pictures. At the end is a video clip of the Tiger's maintenance crew who come out to drag the infield to the tune of YMCA. When they get to the chorus, they drop their chains and do the Y-M-C-A motions.  Quite funny in person.

Benji got a baseball from the Braves back-up catcher. The boys didn't have much luck getting autographs, although Matthew did get the Tiger starting pitcher for Sinday's game to sign a ball. And, Benji got his baseball signed by the Braves heir-apparent  to third base, once Chipper Jones retires.
All in all it was a great way to celebrate a b

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