Sunday, March 4, 2012

Spring Training 2012! Beach, Baseball and Bubbers!

It's been a couple of years since Steve has taken the boys down to Florida for a little fun in the sun watching a little major league baseball. But on Saturday morning (12:15 am actually), Steve, Johnny, Matthew and Benji hopped in a rental car and drove down to Cocoa Beach, Florida. It was a long, grueling trip, at least for Steve who was up for over 36 hours, but the boys rolled into the hotel around 2:30 pm and were on the beach playing in the waves by 3:30!

The next few posts will cover the next few days of action. Today, Sunday the 4th, is looking a bit bleak as it is raining and a bit cool. But, the game today (Atlanta Braves vs. Detroit Tigers) is about 2 hours away and the forecast is for cool, but mostly sunny weather.

Today is Steve (57) and Benji's (10)  birthday, so no matter the weather they will have a great day! They only wish they could be around their family to celebrate!

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