Saturday, February 19, 2011

Basketball and Fencing

Today was an action-packed day for Benji and Matthew.  Benji had his last basketball game of the season and while his team fell behind early 8-0, the Amelia Raiders rallied to end the game tied 13-13. Benji had his highest scoring game of the season, sinking 3 field goals for a total of 6 points! Following the game, Benji and his teammates received their coveted trophies!  Overall it was a great first season for Benji and he is already talking about summer basketball and basketball camp!!

Following the basketball game, it was a rush a few blocks over in Amelia for Matthew's second fencing tournament and first of 2011.  This tournament would be his second fencing with a "foil" blade, and his first time ever using the wider, heavier "epee" blade, which proved to be very exciting, as the entire body is the target in epee fencing.  Matthew fought hard all day and took home 3rd place medals for each type of weapon.  Congratulations Matthew!!
Benji bringing the ball up court.

Benji being guarded by his nemesis "Alex".
The Amelia Raiders getting their trophies.  

Amelia Steel Fencing Team

Matthew in action.

Matthew gets one of his two 3rd place medals, one for fencing "foil" and one for fencing "epee".

The epee medal winners.

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