Saturday, January 22, 2011

He asked her WHAT????

On Friday, January 21, Brandon took Bethie for a drive out to the Appomattoax River down in the Petersburg area.  Don't they look so happy together?  But wait, Bethie's smile is a little bigger and brighter than normal....hmmmm.

Bethie stops to make a phone call....hmmm, something is different about this picture.  Something I have never seen before.

Is it a new cell phone?
Let's take a closer look.....

Wait a minute!!  I think Brandon has been watching too many Jarrod's commercials!!  Could it be that he finally asked the question Bethie has been waiting soooo long to hear?

Yes, Brandon confessed his never-ending love for Beth Nell and she said.....



  1. This is SOOOO exciting! I am so very happy for you Beth!!

  2. Congratulations!!! Very exciting! The Fosters have a wedding in 2011 too!